djDecks v0.74 released

djDecks version 0.74 has been released. This version adds full support for the Behringer BCD-2000 controller plus improvements in the automatic mixing mode, sound quality, better VST effect support and better vinyl control pitch stability.

Another new feature is that you can record from an external input directly into a deck, which makes it possible to scratch over a mic input using vinyl control, for example.

* Added: Full Behringer BCD-2000 controller support.
* Added: Record from input (turntable, cd player, mic) directly into a deck, after which it can be used for scratching, looping, effects, … just like a regular track.
* Added: Keyboard shortcuts ‘gain_up’, ‘gain_down’, open search window.
* Added: Option to disable automatic BPM matching.
* Added: Assign colors to tracks in your playlist/browser.
* Added: Ability to browse directories with pictures.
* Improved: AutoAdvance mode works much better and automatically synchronizes beats while mixing.
* Improved: Vinyl Control mode will automatically turn off when almost out of timecode.
* Improved: Searching for songs is a lot faster now.
* Improved: Pitch bend buttons now gradually increase pitch the longer you hold them.
* Improved: Better sound quality for vinyl brakedown/startup effect.
* Improved: djDecks Icon.
* Improved: Default skin now shows limiter and clipping status.
* Improved: Vinyl Control pitch stability.
* Improved: Song pictures are better found and resized faster.
* Fixed: Some VST effects were not working correctly.
* Fixed: Assigning MIDI commands to ‘active deck’.
* Fixed: Possible crash when switching sound device to a device with less in/outputs.
* Fixed: Master VU meter when using external mixer now shows max volume of both decks.


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