Mackie Control C4 now offers Powerful Control for Reason 3.0

The most full featured control surface of its kind, Mackie Control C4 is now even more powerful thanks to full Reason 3.0 support and FREE C4 Commander Software for Mac or PC. With its 32 knobs and four large LCD displays, C4 breathes new life into thousands of plug-ins and virtual instruments, providing real time, hands-on control of up to 32 parameters simultaneously.

New for C4 is full Reason 3.0 support. Developed jointly by the engineers at Mackie and Propellerheads software, this new support turns the C4 into the ultimate hands-on control surface for Reason — letting you create and tweak music in a much faster, more intuitive way.

Also new for the C4 is Commander Software, available as a FREE download. This software further adds to the C4 feature set by letting you control virtually any MIDI device ­ keyboards, sound modules, effects processors… you name it. And it lets you do it all right from the sweet spot; no need to leave the mix position to tweak edit menus on that dusty old synth.

Better still, even if you don’t own a C4, you can use C4 Commander’s “virtual C4” to control external MIDI hardware. We’ve included a library with over 180 of the most popular MIDI instruments and effects processors just to get you started.

C4 Commander.

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