Melodyne uno 1.5.3 out now

Version 1.5.3 of the audio editing software Melodyne uno is a service update which offers improved support for the universal binary functions of Intel Macs as well as several other minor improvements and a number of bug fixes.

In addition, uno now optionally supports the iLok dongle. Registered users of uno can download the update for free. As an optional alternative to the existing Challenge/Response procedure, Melodyne uno 1.5.3 supports authorization by means of the widely available iLok dongle. This allows the flexible use of Melodyne on multiple computers in multiple studios as well as making it unnecessary for customers used to iLok to use another authorization procedure in parallel.
The update to Melodyne uno 1.5.3 is available for immediate download free of charge to all registered users of uno.

Melodyne Uno.

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