Sonicbytes Phrazor preview #6 released

This release introduces the Standalone and VST Multi I/O version. The routing capabilities of the engine have been improved – Multi-Out VST plugins are supported as well. The clip based Arpeggiator completes the midi-engine.

* Standalone version supporting multiple audio and midi ports
* VST version provides multi I/O (up to 16 stereo inputs/outputs)
* Support for Multi-Out VSTs
* Slots can send audio to any subsequent Track
* Send and Multi-Out target Tracks are colored
* Send target Tracks are processed thru
* Track midi out can be merged
* Added ‘Internal’ Midi ports
* Pure Midi Tracks are highlighted
* Optional routing of midi-input to selected Track
* The selected Track can be stored/recalled live
* Clip based full featured Arpeggiator
* Pianoroll tools Shrink/Expand
* Pianoroll tool Random-Time avoids doubles
* Quick browser for merging Clips directly into Pianoroll for reuse of chords and lines
* Single Programs can be saved/loaded and dragged from Browser
* Automatic creation of Programs from VST presets
* Quick browser menus for Tracks, Slots, Programs and Clips
* Refresh and Explorer buttons in Browser
* Manual updated
* Logfiles for diagnostics

* GUI changes to improve consistency and workflow
* Configuration files renamed
* Drummaps are now stored in a dedicated Folder
* Auto-connect for effects is now default, hold control to disable
* Pianoroll tool Stretch also affects length

* Hanging notes when switching to SYNC
* Default folders and filenames in Save dialogs could be wrong
* Chorder component (was broken)
* Minor issues regarding State recall
* Undo/Redo buttons in Pianoroll updated correctly
* Added missing icons in Schematic Scheme
* FX version got no audio-input in Cubase
* VST Parameter Midi-CC assignment crash
* Moving Clips in list corrupted remote settings
* Undo was not working with certain tools in pianoroll
* Bug regarding Selective Clip playback velocity
* Bug Clip playback with very low tempo


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