Studio Electronics new synth the CODE

Studio Electronics announes a new synth the CODE, but it looks like the Omega 8, available in 2 voice, 4 voice, or 8 voice configurations.

New on the C O D E:

Diode based filters giving you that classic nasal sound while the Studio Electronics SEM filters give you that classic 80’s poly sound.

Also new is the Filter Control section, which allows you to sweep through all the filter types in real time with complete MIDI control. The switches in the Filter Control section give you on/off control and/or momentary control of assignable parameters. Filter Control will give you full control of your audio source.

The 2 voice version is configured for dual input stereo filterbank.
The 4 voice version is configured for 4 input or quad filterbank.
The 8 voice version is an 8 channel filterbank.

Also available are voice expansions and filter expansions.

The code ships in august 2006 and the price will be $ 2,699.00

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