Two new ProTools Reverbs from TC Electronic

TC Electronic is pleased to announce the immediate availability of two new TDM reverb plug-ins ported directly from the revered System 6000. DVR2 is the most precise EMT250 emulator to date, perfect for both studio and live use. It presents fine-tuned qualities of the original processor such as sweet modulation, spectral balance, spaciousness and saturation. The Vintage Reset function produces a sound very close to a well preserved EMT250, which is still a favorite on lead vocals in studios fortunate enough to own one.


NonLin2 is an effects reverb offering easy-to-tailor compact room-feel applicable on any lead vocal or mix. Unlike the traditional natural sounding TC reverbs, NonLin2 is capable of generating compact vocal ambience, percussive and dramatic drum sounds, reverse reverbs and totally new “twisted” effects. Featuring an amplitude envelope capable of rendering an untriggered, gated reverb and a ‘twist’ parameter, which can radically alter the sound, this plug-in delivers a serious advantage over other gated reverbs.

Along with the previously released MD3 Multiband Dynamics and VSS3 Stereo Source Reverb plug-ins, TC now offers a total of 4 algorithms from System 6000 with full System 6000 and PowerCore preset compatibility. All plug-ins are 1:1 ports of the System 6000 algorithms and are in no way emulated, modified or limited.

Available for Mac and Windows/Venue, the DVR2 Digital Vintage Reverb (EUR 595, GBP 450 and USD 745 retail ex. VAT) and NonLin2 Stereo Effects Reverb (EUR495, GBP360 and USD495 retail ex. VAT) are now shipping.

TC Electronic.

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