Cycling 74 software updates

Cycling ’74, a San Francisco based music software company, today released Max/MSP v.4.6 and Jitter v.1.6 which add Universal Binary support for Intel based Macs running OS 10.4 or later.

Max, a graphical programming environment for music and media applications, allows its users to schedule events with millisecond accuracy, create complex mappings for incoming data, and run a large number of operations in parallel. In essence, it is a graphic tool to create programs by wiring together objects. MSP extends Max’s capabilities by incorporating audio objects that are connected to create audio patches where signals flow from one object to the next—not unlike the fundamental concept of the modular synthesizer. Jitter is a collection of video, matrix, and 3D graphics objects for Max.

Cycling ’74 has also updated the Mac OS X versions of Pluggo, Pluggo Junior and Pluggo Runtime to v3.6, Mode to v1.3 and Hipno to v1.1. All now feature Intel-Mac (Universal Binary) support.

Improvements in version 3.6:
* [Mac] Support for Intel-based Macintosh computers as well as PPC computers (Universal Binaries).
* [Mac] AudioUnit plug-ins are now categorized based on the subfolder of the VST folder they are in.
* [Mac] AudioUnit plug-ins may be given a manufacturer id by specifying a four char code in plugconfig using the package message. For example: #C package Fooo.
* [Mac] Dramatic speed improvements made to the AudioUnit Scan application.
* [Mac] AudioUnit plug-in presets off by 1 as compared to VSTs in some hosts (including Live) is now fixed.
* [Mac] Fixed problems where offline processing (bouncing) in Logic did not work.
* [Mac] Fixes in various plug-ins (all packages) so that parameters can be continuously automated in Digital Performer.
* [Mac-Hipno] Fixes for AU-related crashes in applications like Logic and Final Cut Pro.
* [Mac] Icon defined for the Pluggo AU component.
* [Pluggo] Fixed error posts in the Dynamical plug-in.
* [Mac] AU and VST plugs in the same environment (e.g. Live) is friendlier.
* Fixed long-standing bug in Pluggo-RTAS where processing would be absent when opening a saved session until a plug-in editor was actually opened.
* Dial objects with a transparent background now work in Ableton Live version 5.2.x and Cubase.
* Parameters not modified or automated by Live 5.2.x when no editor windows were open has been fixed.
* Fixed problems where parameters would get zeroed out if Clip Envelopes were applied in Ableton Live.
* Pluggo is now based on Steinberg’s VST SDK version 2.4.
* Now supports plug-ins built with Max/MSP version 4.6.x.
* Plug-ins are available as mono-to-stereo in ProTools on mono tracks again (this was not available in 3.5.4).
* Plug-ins may be assigned categories for ProTools (developers should consult the MSP Reference Manual).
* More multi-channel formats available for surround plug-in developers.
* Various improvements to plugsync~ in AU hosts.

Max/MSP v. 4.6 and Jitter v. 1.6 are free Mac updates available now for download at Max/MSP v. 4.6 and Jitter v. 1.6 for Windows will also be free and available in September.

Cycling ’74

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