djDecks v0.76 released

This new version adds more features for the BCD2000 controller and improves support for the Hercules DJ Console, EKS XP10 and DMC1/DAC2 controller. The Vinyl Control algorithms have also been updated for a more stable pitch and lower pitch drifting. Picture browsing support has also been extended. It is now also possible to browse your files by pictures, and both the file and directory browser can show the pictures in 2 columns.

Browsing in general is also improved with a new database to store tags for faster browsing and searching. It is now also possible to quickly preview tracks from within the playlist or filebrowser before loading them.

* Added: ‘Play sound while cueing’ option for hercules dj console, behringer bcd2000 and eks xp10 controller.
* Added: EKS XP10 can now be used for track selection.
* Added: Gapper effect and third deck can now be controlled with the BCD2000 controller.
* Added: Option to select between absolute or relative pitch for BCD2000.
* Added: Various new keyboard shortcuts.
* Added: Picture mode for file browser.
* Added: Played songs can now be logged in .txt files, .m3u playlists or a .scrobbler log.
* Added: Preview option from playlist or file browser to quickly preview tracks before loading them.
* Added: 2 vst effects can now be stacked with the default skin (up to 4 are possible if you create your own skin).
* Improved: Loading a song starts faster.
* Improved: Better pitch smoothing algorithm for vinyl control.
* Improved: MsPinky library updated to newer version.
* Improved: Quality of song and folder thumbnails.
* Improved: Automixing now skips silence at end of song.
* Improved: Tags are now stored in a database file for faster song browsing and searching.
* Fixed: Hercules DJ Console pitch bend buttons.
* Fixed: Hercules DJ Console options work correctly now.
* Fixed: Various bugs with the DMC1/DAC2 controller.
* Fixed: Filter effect should now be inaudible when moving from high-pass to low-pass.
* Fixed: Various bugs with adding keyboard shortcuts.
* Fixed: Using brake and startup speed in combination with other pitch actions (scratching, bending, …).
* Fixed: Various other small bugs.


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