Motu MX4 goes Universal Binary

A Universal Binary version of MX4, the multisynth virtual instrument, is now shipping in all supported formats (MAS, AU and RTAS) and is available for download here for registered users.

This update installs MX4 version 2.1 in all supported formats, including AU, MAS and RTAS. All formats are installed in Universal Binary form compatible with both Intel and PowerPC Macs. Along with Universal Binary (Intel Mac) support, this update includes severals additional enhancements and is therefore also recommended for version 2.0.x PowerPC users. For version 1.x users, this update delivers major new features and hundreds of new presets, including the pulsating, rhythmic textures of the new Pattern Gate, Arpeggiator, Pattern Sequencer and Trigger Sequencer features. Refer to the installer’s Update Notes for more information.

MX4 version 2.1

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