OS 1.2.3 for the Virus TI is available

Universal binary support for Mac Intel users and improved stability are the main features of the new Virus TI operating system. Version 1.2.3. resolves startup and synchronisation issues, improves the handling of 48k projects, offers faster starting up of the Virus Control plug in and other refinements.

About Mac Intel Support – Some of our customers like to be on the forefront of the very latest technology. So we wanted to give these early Intel Mac adopters a chance to use Total Integration right away, even before most of the major hosts have been released.
Currently, there are not very many Intel Macs in use in music production, which makes a normal beta testing cycle difficult. There are not as many Universal Binary (Intel Mac Native) hosts yet, and as they become available, they will need much testing and tweaking.
So you get to be part of our transition process to Intel Mac and enjoy using the Virus TI as an “early adopter” of the new Intel Macs!

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