Celemony Melodyne service update 3.1.2

Celemony have released a new update for Melodyne studio and cre8. Version 3.1.2 brings some under the hood improvements to streamline stability and performance.

Bug Fixes:
* Audio transfer using the MelodyneBridge
– Transferring audio via the MelodyneBridge could in some cases damage previously edited files that have been exported using the Save audio command before.
– Exporting split stereo files could keep the MelodyneBridge from doing further transfers.

* Ableton Live and the MelodyneBridge
– Removing a previously inserted MelodyneBridge (AU version only) from a track in Ableton Live could crash Live.

Known issues:
* Broadcast WAV Time Stamps
– Melodyne doesn’t recognize time stamps in broadcast WAV files. It can load and save such files, but the time stamps get lost.

Melodyne Update

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