KORG Legacy Collection goes Universal

Korg is proud to announce the release of Version 1.2.1 (Universal binary version) of the KORG Legacy Collection – DIGITAL EDITION, which is now available as a free download.

Korg is now developing universal binary versions of KLC-1 (the original Legacy Collection), ANALOG EDITION, and Virtual MS-20 for Intel-based Macs. KLC-1, ANALOG EDITION, and Virtual MS-20 will require that the user has already purchased the RTAS dongle-based upgrade (v1.2 upgrade) which will be available shortly for a nominal fee.

This MacIntel updater will be a free download, but it requires the v1.2 (RTAS supported version) of the code to update, plus the dongle. Korg also plans to prepare a code-only (license) version of the v1.2 (RTAS supported version) for the user who already has a compatible dongle; either the KORG USB key used by KLC-DE or other Syncrosoft dongles such as the Steinberg Key, I.K. multimedia or Arturia versions. Korg will inform you about the fee and the release date shortly.

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