Mixvibes releases DVS PRO

Mixvibes DVS PRO is a professional DJ software that allows up to 4 vinyls and/or CD turntables at the same time, a powerful 16 patterns sampler and full management of VST effects, DirectX effects, MIDI and every controllers available on the market.

MixVibes DVS PRO is based on digital vinyl technology which gives you the ability to mix your digital music on a traditional turntable and mixer configuration. The high quality time coded Vinyl and CDs included in the pack give you real time control over the music. It feels just like spinning with your regular records or CD. This feature packed DVS PRO version contains all creative potential and incredible performances necessary for a professional level DJ performance.

A simplified installation process and full US manual make DVS PRO more user friendly than ever. The MIDI controlable 16 pad sampler makes it easy to sample loops and create breaks in sync with the track’s BPM. Vjs can enjoy the real time feel and control of vinyl to mix and scratch there video files.

The new HD CD time code adresses all the CD DJs who have been awaiting a reliable Digital CD solution to mix there digital music library. The minimum loop sizes has been reduced to 5ms from 30ms on any other solution, allowing incredible precision for small loops. The HD CD time code is also compatible with many more CD decks, including older decks and recent low end decks.

The pack contains :

-5 time coded vinyl control records
-2 time coded CD CH control CDs
-a set of RCA and jack connectors
-the latest MixVibes DVS PRO 6.31

The price is $299 usd.

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