Special Muse Receptor configuration for pro users

Muse Research announced today that they are offering a special configuration of their popular Receptor hardware plugin player designed for top end studios and performing musicians who demand the very best.

The new configuration comes with 2GB of matched high-performance RAM, a 750GB, 7200RPM drive, and the ML-44 Turion AMD 64 processor, the fastest processor in its class, resulting in significantly performance improvements over a stock Receptor. This new “turbo-charged” configuration is available by special order unit and has a retail list price of $2899.

Designed for uncompromising professionals with exacting requirements
This new configuration of Receptor provides the user with super-sized, matched-pair RAM with the lowest CAS speed available, a whopping 750GB hard drive with 16MB cache and a 7200RPM spindle for ultra-fast data transfers, and the impressive 64-bit Turion ML-44 processor, running at 2.4Ghz and featuring a largest-in-class 1MB L2 cache, and a 1Ghz HyperTransport system bus. The results when all these components are placed in a Receptor: more of a good thing.

The super-tweaked version of Receptor provides an ideal environment in which to run processor intensive plug-ins, or to manage huge sound libraries, and still maintain cool, quiet, and portable operation that is the hallmark of Receptor.

“This new configuration is being made available in response to the large number of professional customers who have asked for us to provide an absolutely maxed-out Receptor,” comments Bryan Lanser, VP of Marketing for Muse Research. “And we feel this new models delivers the optimal performance while still remaining cool, quiet, and portable,” he concludes.

Muse Research

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