Synesthesia Impulse Response Library update

Virtuasonic has updated Synesthesia IR Library with a new interactive list that will help you to browse thru the entire collection of impulse responses to find the one you are looking for in an easier way.

Every impulse response has been tested with different source sounds to classify its main characteristics and potential applications in accord to the following categories:
– Frequency reshaping / Psycho-acoustic
– Delay
– Supernatural Reverb
– Swirling
– Texture
– Percussion/Drums Enhancer
– Metallic
– Dark

You can now order the entire list with a single mouse click and find all the impulses that pertain to a particular category in a fast and comfortable way.

Virtuasonic gives also some useful advice about how to adjust some impulse responses for particular purposes, like enhancing drums and obtaining frequency re-shaping or sycho-acoustic effects.


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