U-He releases version 2.0 of Zebra

After a long wait after its announcement Urs Heckman (U-He) has released version 2.0 of Zebra. Zebra is a next generation virtual synthesizer plugin. It combines subtractive and additive synthesis with a powerful modulation engine that even smoothly integrates with the built-in effects section.

With version 2.0, Zebra has not only become an even more wireless modular synth. It also adds the sonic capabilities of FM, modeling of natural sounds and advanced wavetable synthesis, latter can be learned and used quickly with Zebralette, which is an included mini-Zebra.

* Modular architecture with up to: 4 oscillators, 4 dedicated FM oscillators, 4 filters (19 types), 4 VCA/pan, comb filters, wave-shapers, ring-modulators, noise-generators for each voice — 24 audio modules, 28 modulation sources, thousands of parameters to tweak; accessible via an intuitive user interface.
* Drag and drop circuit building.
* 4 syncable Multi-Stage envelopes/step-sequencers.
* 4 ADSR envelopes, 4 LFOs per voice.
* Play-modes: polyphonic, single trigger, legato modes and arpeggiator/step sequencer.
* Spectral Editor: Unlimited number of Waveforms (including additive synthesis).
* Flexible Modulation Matrix.
* 16 on-board Effects: ModFX (Chorus, Flanger, Phaser), Delay, Reverb, Ring-modulator, Filters, Waveshapers, Mixers.
* 2 internal send busses and flexible effects routing.
* Many effect parameters can be modulated.
* 4 XY-controls, allowing for deep realtime sound morphs.
* MIDI Learn: All knobs remotely controllable by MIDI Control Changes, also with relative/incremental controllers.
* More than 1000 presets.

Zebra 2.0

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