IK Multimedia Releases ARC Studio Hardware

IK Multimedia introduces ARC Studio, a groundbreaking hardware acoustic room correction system revolutionizing traditional studio monitors. ARC Studio seamlessly enhances monitor performance, a feature now standard in top-tier studio monitors, ensuring flawless mix translation.

The system comprises a standalone hardware processor, new ARC 4 software for in-depth analysis and correction, and a precision MEMS measurement microphone. It democratizes room correction technology, providing an affordable hardware solution applicable to any studio environment, be it home, project, or professional.

ARC 4’s innovative algorithm swiftly identifies and rectifies room-induced distortions, yielding enhanced mixing accuracy with refined low-end, tighter transients, and precise stereo imaging. Installation is streamlined, with ARC 4 guiding users through a rapid measurement process via the included microphone.

With transparent correction and custom-tuning for all monitoring setups, ARC Studio caters to both DAW-based and console-based studios. Its versatility extends to natural and linear phase modes, offering precise stereo imaging tailored to evolving studio needs.

Moreover, ARC Studio’s monitor emulation feature replicates iconic studio monitors and hi-fi speakers, facilitating quick mix referencing without additional hardware investments. ARC 4 software provides extensive customization options, including tailored target curves and adjustable correction filter resolution.

With ARC Studio starting at $/€299.99 and ARC 4 software priced at $/€149.99, IK Multimedia delivers professional-grade room correction accessible to all. ARC Studio’s audiophile performance, coupled with its affordability and versatility, ensures optimal sound quality and flexibility for studios of all sizes.

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