Blue Cat Audio all products updated

All the Blue Cat Audio products have just been updated: all VST and DirectX plugins now support MIDI control and Blue Cats skinning language 1.2.4 for enhanced user interface customization.

These new versions bring finer control of parameters, performance improvements and better user interface. Minor bug fixes have been included as well (see the details below).

The upgrade concerns 18 freeware and non-freeware plug-ins. The upgrade for commercial products is free for registered users and can be downloaded from the same location as the initial release.

New features and fixes:
– Blue Cat’s skinnning language 1.2.4 support.
– Antialiased curves.
– Parameters fine tuning available when the shift key is down (EQs now have a 0.1 dB resolution)
– MIDI control for all parameters (Liny EQ series).
– Silence detection and CPU efficiency improvement: no processing occurs when the plug-in input is silent.
– (Bug fix): in some plug-in adapters (such as FxPansion’s VST to RTAS adapter) the GUI did not display properly when first loaded.
– (Bug fix): when reinstalling the software in another directory, the “skin not found” message was displayed.

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