McDSP Updates Project Studio bundle

McDSP is now including Analog Channel LE and ML4000 LE in the Project Studio bundle. Analog Channel LE contains the tape emulation algorithms from the AC2 configuration of Analog Channel. ML4000 LE contains the look ahead brick wall limiter from the ML1 configuration of the newly released ML4000.

The Project Studio retail price remains $495 (USD). Original Project Studio customers can get the Analog Channel LE and ML4000 LE plug-ins for a $95 (USD) upgrade. Project Studio also now has support for Intel-based Apple computers and Windows XP.

Other McDSP news:
– McDSP has begun shipping boxed copy of the ML4000 plug-in. The ML4000 is a high-resolution brick-wall look-ahead limiter and multi-band dynamics processor designed for music, mastering, post, and live sound.

The ML1 mastering limiter uses a flexible brick wall look-ahead design coupled with multiple stages of limiting for superior peak processing. The unique Knee and Mode controls allow the ML1 to handle any kind of material with a variety of responses ranging from transparent to aggressive. The ML4 multi-band dynamics processor includes a 4-band Gate, Expander (upwards or downwards), and Compressor fed into the same limiter algorithm found in the ML1. Each band’s Gate, Expander, and Compressor can be configured separately or linked together. Steep 24 dB/Oct crossover filters minimize signal leakage into adjacent bands. Multiple real-time metering options in each band allow quick visualization of all signal dynamics.

The ML4000 retail price is $495 (USD). The ML4000 is also available in the Emerald Pack HD ($2595) and Emerald Pack Native ($1395) plug-in bundles. Existing Emerald Pack customers can purchase the ML4000 as an upgrade for $295.

– McDSP has begun shipping boxed copy of the HD and Native product lines. McDSP HD products are full-featured versions of McDSP plug-ins supporting TDM, RTAS, and AudioSuite plug-in formats. McDSP HD products are sold individually, and in the Classic Pack HD and Emerald Pack HD bundles.

The original McDSP product line uses the same authorizations as the new HD line. Customers owning any original McDSP product can upgrade to the HD version for free by simply downloading the HD version.

McDSP Native products are full-featured versions of McDSP plug-ins supporting RTAS and Audiosuite plug-in formats. McDSP Native products are not sold individually, but are available in the Classic Pack Native and Emerald Pack Native bundles.

The new HD and Native lines, as well as the LE line, include the following major updates:
* Support for Intel-based Macs
* Improved RTAS plug-in efficiency
* Faster user interface updates and loading times
* HD Accel card optimizations

Users owning McDSP HD products can upgrade to Emerald Pack HD, or cross grade to Emerald Pack Native. The McDSP Classic Pack HD (Native) bundle includes HD (Native) versions of Analog Channel, CompressorBank, FilterBank, and MC2000.

The McDSP Emerald Pack HD (Native) bundle includes HD (Native) versions of Analog Channel, Channel G, Chrome Tone, CompressorBank, FilterBank, MC2000, ML4000, Revolver, and Synthesizer One.


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