Sony updates Acid Pro to version 6.0c

An update to ACID Pro software is now available. ACID Pro 6 software is a professional music workstation for composing, recording, mixing, and arranging audio and MIDI tracks. Multitrack recording. Comprehensive MIDI sequencing. Over 1,000 loops.

Notable Fixes/Changes in Version 6.0c:
* Fixed a problem that could cause a hang when AAS’s Lounge Lizard 3 is opened and an ACID project is autosaved.
* Default patch settings are not applied to VSTi soft synths when new tracks are added to a project.
* Fixed a bug so MP3s with Unicode ID3 tag information no longer cause problems with track names.
* A drawing issue has been resolved involving drum maps with note data outside their drum map parameters.
* Fixed a problem that could cause a crash when deleting a bus from a 5.1 surround sound project.
* Fixed a variety of issues with the Piano Roll Editor caused by dragging files from the Explorer to the ACID timeline.
* Fixed a bug so that MIDI notes selected using the in inline editing mode will play as displayed while loops are being previewed.
* Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when rendering to a new track using M-Audio Ozone with a USB connection.
* In 5.1 surround mode, when a track is routed to a bus, the Surround Master now receives the input monitoring signal.
* You can now pan tracks that are routed to a bus in stereo and 5.1 surround modes.

For a complete list of improvements, bugfixes and an update download please visit the Sony website.

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