TASCAM updates GVI to version 3.52

Tascam has updated Giga Virtual Instrument to v3.52. GVI is a 16-part multitimbral sampler with unlimited polyphony performance and the ability to run multiple instances – limited only by the power of your computer. GVI takes advantage of the latest Giga technology, like 96kHz/24-bit sample support, iMIDI rules for realistic phrasing and embedded GigaPulse technology for instrument resonance and ambience.

New additions:
* Bank / Patch Manager: The following functionality has been added to the Loaded Instrument Viewer:

* Right-click an instrument to display the Bank/Patch Manager interface:
– Pressing “Resolve All Conflicts” will automatically assign new Bank/Patch values to loaded instruments to eliminate duplicates.
– The bank and/or patch number of the selected instrument can be manually changed.

Bug fixes:
– In 3.51, certain audio interfaces that use buffer latencies that are not multiples of 128 could cause garbled audio.
– Previously, when running in standalone mode, the output could become saturated under certain conditions.
– Previously, instruments within a GIG file could not be loaded when the Windows preference for hiding known file extensions was enabled (Windows default).
– Previously, GVI could become unstable if Mute or Solo was pressed on the MIDI Mixer while receiving MIDI.
– Previously, GVI could become unstable if the UI was closed while loading instruments.


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