Blue Cat Audio Widening Meter Pro 1.0 released

Blue Cat Audio is happy to announce the release of Blue Cats Widening Meter Pro, a cousin of the Peak Meter Pro product that measures the mid and side channels peak and RMS levels.

Blue Cat’s Widening Meter Pro is a unique tool based on the same principles as the Peak Meter Pro plug-in: it lets you monitor the Peak and RMS envelope of the mid and side parts of the audio signal and can also be used to control other effects with this information:
* Monitor the mid and side envelopes evolution over time on a graph.
* Record the output and transformed output envelopes as automation curves and either assign them to other parameters of other effects or use them as reference information about your audio signal.
* Control other effects parameters in real time with these envelopes, thanks to the Widening Meter MIDI Output capability: you can now use any signal of any track to control any parameter of any other effect, in real time!

The widening meter pro plugin is priced at an introductory price of Euro 33,15 (normally Euro 39).

Blue Cat Audio

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