Linplug update for Octopus on Mac

Linplug has released an update for Octopus fixing the performance problem on PowerPC Macs version 1.22 and is a recommended update for all Octopus users on a Mac with G4 or G5 processor.

The Octopus is a Dual-Matrix synthesizer containing one Matrix for Oscillator/Filter frequency modulation synthesis and another Matrix for general modulation. The key component for building a sound is the instrument’s 8 oscillators, Sampler, 2 filters and 32 envelopes. These components are all it needs to create anything from classic “old school” FM timbres to complex sounds far beyond those possible with conventional FM synthesis. Editing the Octopus is a breeze, because all controls are located on a single panel which is always on view, so you can see at a glance any synth parameter.


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