Save Mlan on Mac OSX petition

Yamaha have been able to get Mlan integrated in Apple’s OS and Core Audio, which is supposedly a great thing for Mlan.

But as a result they claim that this is also
supposedly why they cannot control the timing of updates to the drivers… Mlan users on the Mac haven’t seen an update to a barely functional Mlan driver on the Mac since 2004.

This is what we are waiting for:

– Sync from a device other than the Mac,
– No more CPU bursts,
– No more random offset,
– GP able to act as an actual patchbay.
– The new drivers should be backward compatible to at least Mac OS 10.4.4
– The new drivers should be compatible with PPC G4 and G5 computers
– The new drivers should be free for all present owners of Mlan equipment using Mac OSX

So sign the petition here

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