XLN Audio releases Addictive Drums Vsti

XLN Audio has released Addictive Drums, which is a complete Drum Production Studio.

To create a convincing drum track in any style you need 3 things:
– The “raw” drum/cymbal sounds, recorded with a multi mic setup
– The mixing process, including all the effects and the know-how of a producer/technician
– The grooves, beats and fills of a good drummer

Addictive Drums offers all this, in an easy to use plugin, compatible with all the major hosts out there. With the included Presets you can immediately try out different production styles and easily tweak anything in the mix to make it perfect. No more “I have 30 plugin windows to keep track of just for the drums”. And when you’ve perfected your favourite drum sound, just save it and re-use it in the next project!

Available drumkits:
* Sonor Designer (Kick, Snare, 5 toms).
* DW Collector’s Series (Kick, Snare, 5 toms).
* Tama Starclassic (Kick, Snare, 3 toms).
* Extras: Pearl Signature Ferrrone snare, Pearl Masterworks Piccolo snare, Pearl Masterworks kick.
* Cymbals (Sabian & Paiste): 3 Hihats, 9 Crashes, 3 Splashes & 2 Chinas.

Addictive Drums is expected to be released in December. It will be available for Windows and Mac OS X (Universal Binary) in VST, AU and RTAS formats. Pricing is set at €225 (private; 25% Swedish VAT included), €180 (company; VAT excluded), $239 (international; VAT excluded).

XLN Audio

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