112dB Software announces Morgana software sampler

112dB Software has announced Morgana, an exciting new vintage software sampler.

Morgana is an authentic representation of an early digital sampler, designed to be musical rather than accurate. Per-voice, Morgana offers extensively modeled VCFs, amp and filter envelopes. Morgana also features a unique interpolation method which enhances digital artifacts and a pre-amp to shape each sample, simulating a primitive analog-digital stage.

Morgana is also capable of sampling, either through it’s own inputs or through an innovative technology entitled SampLink¬© which effectively allows Morgana to sample from any track in a multitrack environment in a simple and no-hassle way.

Morgana features

– Faithful representation of sampling technology circa 1984
– High quality 4 pole lowpass filter per voice (analog modeled OTA design)
– Non-destructive input modeling, including samplerate adjustment and mic preamp
– Each copy of Morgana sounds slightly different–just like the hardware!
– Proprietary SampLink technology allows live sample recording across different applications
– Specifically tailored for use in live situations
– Support for multiple output modes, including mono, stereo, pseudo-stereo, and pseudo-surround with up to 8 outputs
– Dynamic multisample keymapping
– Vintage microprocessor emulation including modulator quantizing and digital crosstalk

Morgana is expected to be available in Q1 2007

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