Linnplug announces new release, a update and a award

LinPlug releases New Sophistry Sounds, they won a ICE-Award and they updated Organ 3 to version 3.0.1

Frank “XenoX” Neumann from Particular Sound handcrafted another 50 sounds for the LinPlug Sophistry Ambient Synthesizer. The new sounds show Sophistry’s potential in other genres than just ambient music. The title, Dance Xtreme says it all, the sounds are free for all Sophistry customers and available at

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LinPlug won Digital River ICE-Award in category Sound, Music and MP3

End of September 2006 for the second time the ICE-Award has been given to „shareware“ authors who distribute their software on any of the Digital Rivers shareware platforms. Digital River honors thereby exceptional sales in the respective category. LinPlug won
the ICE-Award in the category Sound, Music and MP3. Former winners of the ICE Award include companies like Adobe or Pinnacle.

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LinPlug updates Organ 3 to version 3.0.1

The new version fixes a couple of bugs and improves CPU usage. The new version also includes more sounds, so now a total of 140 presets are delivered with Organ 3. The full list of changes is available at

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