Arturia announces hardware synth the Origin

Origin is the first Arturia Hardware synthesizer. It is a modular system of a new generation opening innovative avenues in sound design.

– More than 500 presets created by talented musicians and synthesizer specialists
– Up to 32 voices of polyphony for a typical patch
– Create your own patch or use an existing audio structures: an Origin patch made by connecting independent modules, or the minimoog V, the ARP 2600, the CS-80, the Moog Modular.
– Superb audio quality with TAE® engine. 24 bits/96 kHz supported.
– Origin lets you open dedicated software on your Mac and PC and use it as an AU or VST plug-in. All the sounds are calculated on the machine while you work on your computer as you would do with a native application.
– Analog: 2 audio ins, 10 audio outs. Digital: SPDIF out, USB 2.0
– Large selection of effects: Phaser, Chorus, Delay, FX Reverbs, Distortion, Param Eq, Compressor, Bitcrusher
– 16/32 step sequencer
– Innovative Macro, Advanced LFO, modulation modes, Advanced Joystick modes.
– MIDI : In, Out, Thru or USB 2

More info will be announces at the Messe 2007

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