E-MU has announced the Emulator X2

E-MU Systems has announced the Emulator X2 Platinum Streaming Sampling Synthesizer that offers both 32-bit and native 64-bit applications, multi processor and multi threading support, and includes over 20 Gb of sounds, over 5,500 instruments that include everything from vintage keyboards and orchestral instruments to the Hip Hop and Electronica soundsets of E-MUs hardware modules.

Emulator X2 features:
– Automated sampling, pitch detection and preset creation with integrated waveform editor
– Powerful synthesis architecture with over 50 Z-Plane filters and 100 tempo-based parameters per preset
– Standalone (64 MIDI channels) or VSTi operation (16 MIDI channels per instantiation)
– Sound Engine supports RAM and streaming playback
– Integrated effects processors
– 2in/2 out USB MIDI interface
– Comprehensive sound format support, including EOS, EIII, GigaSampler, MP3, REX2, .AIFF, SoundFont 2.1, .WAV and more
– Ships with over 3GB of sounds, including the complete Proteus 2000 soundset, a stunning 1.5GB Grand Piano, 24-bit drums and grooves and more – additional soundsets available

E-MU Emulator X2

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