Moog announces the MoogerFooger Freqbox

The MF-107 FreqBox will blow you away! its unlike anything else out there. The FreqBox oes not actually modify the audio input signal.

Inside the FreqBox is a Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) which is modulated by the sound source input—an Audio Modulated VCO! The result is an amazing array of effects that were once only possible with a complex modula synth setup—everything from fuzz-like distortion to what product development engineer Steve Dunnington calls “cataclysmic timbral morphing” A true “freak box”!

Here are some specs:

Accepts instrument level and line level inputs
Frequency and waveform controls in the VCO section
VCO can be frequency modulated by the audio signal
Envelope follower and mix controls for even greater sonic enhancement
Housed in the super-durable, classic Moogerfooger enclosure

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