Arturia announces keyboard version Origin

Arturia is happy to announce the keyboard version of Origin, bringing you, the musician, innovative sound, ergonomics, design and performance.

Origin Keyboard is bringing to you a palette of innovative sounds accessible through a well-thought interface. Play a premium quality light-weighted keyboard with 61 keys, velocity response and aftertouch. Then use the joystick, the ribbon controller and the numerous controllers on the interface. Set the inclination of the front panel, whether you want to sit down or stand up when playing. Finally take this panel down and you are good to go to the next stage or the next studio session. Origin Keyboard is an invitation to a unique playing experience. As a matter of fact, it is the first lap-top synthesizer ever.

– High Level of Control:
* ultra sensitive 40cm ribbon controller
* high quality light-weighted 61 keys keyboard, with velocity response and aftertouch
* Modulation and pitch-bend wheels, 3-mode Joystick, 21 potentiometers, 32 encoders, 81 switchs

– Ergonomic design:
* Self adjustable front panel, from 0° to 135°, giving you total setup flexibility.
* 5.2” TFT screen for clear visual feedback.
* complete mobile solution, offering everything you need to perform your sounds in a single, easily transportable cabinet.

– Unique Origin Sound Engine:
* Modular system coming with more than 80 modules, some new, some excerpted from legendary synthesizers from the past.
* Accessible as a plug-in within the main sequencer programs.
* All sounds are totally editable on the Hardware but also editable through the Origin Software application.

Origin Keyboard is expected to be released on December 2007 at a retail price of €2999.


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