Audio Ease Altiverb 6.0.6 for Mac OS X

Altiverb 6.0.6 for Mac OS X is now available (all formats). This update is recommended for all Altiverb 6 Mac OS X users and is of course free of charge.

This update fixes quite a few things:
* Muting of Altiverb does not occur anymore (known in MAS, AU, AS and maybe others formats);
* [AU] solved bounce bug in Logic;
* [PT] Control surfaces fixes;
* [PT] Version in Finder Get Info;
* [TDM] a little more reverb time!!!;
* [AU] fixed UI offset problem in Logic 6.4;
* [AU] OSX 10.3.9 and Logic 7.1 and Altiverb work nicely together now;
* [AU] fixed automation problem (no data was recorded when turning Altiverb knobs);
* [MAS] fixed delay compensation bug;
* [MAS] Bug when turning on/off audio engine fixed;
* Fixed browser update bug when using automation presets;
* Redraw problem solved after new IR folder selection;
* Fixed automation of Stage Position.

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