Ecler presents the new EVO 5 DJ Mixer

Ecler has revealed a new mixer at the Musik Messe that promises to turn into the perfect tool for analog and digital mixing, music production and live performances.

Main features:
– 24/96 converters and a 2-port FireWire sound card that supports 6 stereo inputs and 6 stereo outputs. Any of these channels can be routed to your computer and back for effects processing, mixing tracks from your DAW of choice, or recording to computer.
– Eight editable effects can sync to MIDI or the built-in beat counter (which can output MIDI Clock): Delay/Echo, Filter, Flanger, Phaser, Transformer, Panoramic, Pitch and Reverb. Two effects can be chained together and also save presets to your computer via FireWire with the included EVO5 software. There are also two editable effects just for microphone: a Noise Gate and Compressor.
– 10 push switches and 4 rotary encoders can be mapped to MIDI. 64 layouts include ones for Native Insturments Traktor and Ableton Live. As expected in a digital mixer, you can customize settings for EQ and fader curves. There is also an output limiter to help save speakers from impassioned DJs.

A retail price hasn’t been determined yet but will range between $1500 – $2000 (Euro 1200 – 1700).

More detailed specs can be found here.

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