Native Instruments products and Windows Vista

Native Instruments has provided a page with information about their products and Windows Vista. The content will be updated and expanded over time to address additional questions and reflect further developments.

In general, Native Instruments has seen good results in its compatibility testing with Windows Vista 32-bit. NI products generally operate without specific problems or limitations under this operating system. However, Windows XP is currently still recommended for professional music production due to its proven reliability and compatibility, especially for a productive environment where these aspects are crucial.

In a FAQ we get answers to the following questions:
– Which Native Instruments products are currently compatible with Vista 32-bit?
– How do I install Native Instruments software under Vista?
– Can I use Native Instruments products with the 64-bit versions of Microsoft Vista?
– What are the benefits of installing the 64-bit version of Windows Vista?
– When will Vista 64-bit drivers for Native Instruments hardware be released?
– Do Native Instruments products support the WaveRT audio interface standard in Windows Vista?
– Does Native Instruments software perform better under Windows Vista compared to Windows XP?
– Which Windows Vista 32-bit version is best suited for Native Instruments products?

Native Instruments and Vista compatibility.

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