NI launches TRAKTOR Ready and TRAKTOR 3 LE Included programs

Native Instruments announced today a new controller compatibility program that will make it easier for DJs to find the best possible performance controller for their TRAKTOR based setups. Selected digital DJ controllers are now labeled to be TRAKTOR Ready respectively TRAKTOR 3 LE Included. As part of this program, TRAKTOR 3 LE is now shipping as the standard DJ software with a wide range of digital DJ controllers from renowned manufacturers.

Hardware controllers that are labeled “TRAKTOR Ready” are guaranteed to be fully compatible with TRAKTOR 3, and to meet certain quality and functionality requirements. For every “TRAKTOR Ready” a configuration file for TRAKTOR 3 is available, allowing users to get started with their controller and TRAKTOR with minimal setup efforts.

DJ controllers that also carry the label “TRAKTOR 3 LE Included” go one step further. They also include a copy of TRAKTOR 3 LE that is preconfigured for instant plug-and-play performance. TRAKTOR 3 LE offers two decks with high-quality time-stretching, an integrated mixer, performance effects, loop and cueing functions, a powerful track database and seamless Beatport shop integration, TRAKTOR 3 LE is an ideal way to enter the world of digital DJing.

“TRAKTOR 3 LE Included” controllers are the Behringer BCD 3000, the Ecler NUO 4, the EKS XP10, the Hercules DJ Console MK2 Mac Edition, the Numark Total Control and the Vestax VCI-100. TRAKTOR 3 LE is also included with the AUDIO KONTROL 1 interface as well as the forthcoming AUDIO 8 DJ interface from Native Instruments.

Every copy of TRAKTOR 3 LE can be upgraded to the full-featured TRAKTOR 3 at a special price of $ 119 / EUR 99, enabling a multitude of additional creative features including four playback decks, advanced looping and cueing functions, Native Mix Recording, additional EQs, filters and effects, and more.

The range of “TRAKTOR Ready” and “TRAKTOR 3 LE Included” DJ controllers will expand in the future as more products get certified by Native Instruments.

NI Traktor

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