UPDATE: New Clavia is called the Wave

Based on a legacy of VA synths for almost 15 years, CLavia takes the next generation of lead synths to the next level. Introducing the Nord Wave, you now have all the sounds you want in a classical synthesizer setup.

The pictures below are still of the prototype. So minor changes are still possible untill the final release!

The name says it all really. By introdducing the oscillator to wave-forms not just single wavetablr style waveforms, but complete user defined, keyzone and multi layered sampled wavefowrms, while keeping the full VA circuitry intact, Clavia has onze again opened a new dimention and brought new live to the world of synthesizers

Use any audio snip you like. If it can be saves as a standard wav file, it can be used as a sound source for toye synthesizer. You now have the full expressiveness of the classic analog synthesizer combined with sample technology availible at your fingertips.

First pics live from the messe. Clavia told us that this is only a prototype.

And has an USB connection:

And the knobs:

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