Free Torq LE Software for X-Session Pro Users

M-Audio is pleased to announce that all X-Session Pro owners are now eligible to receive a FREE copy of Torq LE. Torq LE is a light version of the revolutionary Torq DJ software that is taking the digital DJ world by storm.

The X-Session Pro combines the standard controls of a two-channel DJ mixer with the transport and pitch controls of a turntable or DJ CD player, enabling users to control DJ and performance applications from a single interface. The mixer controls allow users to perform smooth crossfades as well as adjust level, cueing, and EQ, while the integrated transport and pitch controls allow starting, stopping and beat-matching digital files within programs like Ableton Live, Traktor DJ Studio and other DJ/performance applications.

If you are a registered X-Session Pro user, you can download your free copy of Torq LE here.

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