Is Moog messing with our heads? April 1st anyone?

As Moog introduced the new MoogerFooger MF/FM earlier this week we were excited. Anything new from Moog is always exciting. When visiting the website and reading the details and specs, we got a weird sensation. It was kinda an exotic and unusual new …. device! So we went with the story, it did not ring a bell here… yet.

The product page at the Moogmusic website told us:
“The MF/FM has an on-board analog radio tuner, capable of locking into frequencies across the FM radio band. Mix any instrument with live radio signals, and tweak the voltage controlled oscillator for modulated madness and creativity. The MF/FM effect pushes the envelop on creative possibilities and puts musicians in a completely unique and spontaneous environment.”

Later that day we were thinking about it all, and to be honest there was only one question that came to us. And that question was: WHY?
Why would anyone need this ‘thing’? For crazy effects there are already so many other simple effect processors of software plugins available.

And the it hit us! We read the productpage again and saw the delivery/shipping date: APRIL FIRST!

Yeah good one,…. MOOG!

Moog Music

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