Numerology 2.0 – Sneak Preview

After many months of development, Numerology version 2.0 is closing in on the final stages of development. There is still much to be done, but enough of the new application is now in place that a bit of preview is in order.

New Features:
* Universal Binary: Run it on PPC, run it on Intel, it runs great on either.
* ReWire Device Mode That’s right: sample-accurate sync, transport lock with audio and midi streaming between Numerology and supported ReWire host programs (currently: Live, Digital Performer, Logic, and ProTools).
* Much-Revised UI
o Much cleaner graphics and fonts.
o New tab-based system for switching between stacks (formerly known as ‘groups’).
o All modules are fully collapsable.
o Stacks, Modules and Presets can all be easily moved via drag-and-drop.
* New Routing System: After much study and reflection, we’ve devised a graphical routing system that gives you a tidy overview of all audio, CV and MIDI routing for a stack without the typical headaches of ‘virtual cable’ routing systems. The new routing display shows up on a separate ‘tab’. In addition, the new routing internals will allow you to setup feedback routing for audio, MIDI or CV-based signals.
* The Patchbay: The Numerology 2 patchbay provides a one-stop solution to a problem common to all audio apps: how to reconfigure existing projects when your audio or MIDI hardware changes. Numerology 2 uses a patchbay system that allows you to create as many inputs and outputs as you need, give them proper names, then assign them to whatever hardware ports you desire. When your hardware config changes, you just tweak the patchbay to reassign or add connections as you like, then you can open any existing projects and keep working, without having to tweak each project separately.

The patchbay also allows you to better organize routing between stacks, making it much easier to mix-and-match stacks from different projects.

* MonoNote/PolyNote Sequencers Two all-new mega sequencers with an absurdly long list of features:
o Integrated sequencing for thirteen data types (and probably more before it’s all done):
+ Pitch
+ Gate Length (the length of a note within a step)
+ Step Length (modify the length of a step directly)
+ Step Repeat (repeat a step up to 8 times)
+ Gate Divide (built in!)
+ Velocity
+ Random Jump (percentage chance of jumping to some other step)
+ Three CV / CC sequences
+ Aftertouch
+ Skip Value
+ Mute
o Integrated note generator with scale quantization.
o Three integrated MIDI CC generators.
o Dedicated skip, select and mute buttons.
o Handy “Norm All” and “Zero All” buttons
o Support for sequences up to 64 steps.
o Gate Adjust (for scaling all gate values at once)
o Velocity Adjust (ditto, but for velocity)
o All the usual Numerology sequencing overkill goodness: Three ClockDiv modes, HardSync, 5 direction modes, trigger modes, left and right shift, etc. etc.
o External inputs for: Pitch, Gate and Velocity (if you didn’t have enough already)
* Envelope Module: A much-needed companion for the DualLFO module, especially for trigger-happy sequencing. It can run as an Attack-Hold-Decay-Sustain-Release mode when fed gate values, or in Attack-Hold-Release mode when fed simple triggers. You get curve control over the Attack, Decay and Release segments, and it can be programmed in Real-time (seconds) or Beat-time, with an super-wide range of legal timing values.
* Better Mixing:
o 8 stereo aux sends
o Manage presets directly within the mixer: duplicate, snapshot, delete, move, rename and so on.
o Mixer Scenes: save mix and preset settings for mulitiple stacks/groups at once.
* High Definition MIDI: Numerology 2 uses 32 bit floating point values for internal storage and processing of all “MIDI” event parameters: Pitch, Velocity, CC, etc. So what do you get for all those bits? Well, alternate tunings, high-precision scaling, and some cool new MIDI modules for a start (like the upcoming Cloud Generator).
* Improved Preset Management
o Support for an unlimited numbers of presets.
o Presets now have ratings, colors and comments to aid organization.
o Assignable Alphanumeric keyboard events for triggering presets.
o Assignable MIDI events (note, program change, or CC) for triggering presets.
* Sequencer Tweaks: Fresh updates for some already highly capable modules:
o Long sequencer support (up to 64 steps)
o Sequencer “speed” control for continuous speed changes.
o Handy “Div Mode” menu for choosing between the three available ways to set the rate of a sequencer: “Norm”, “Ratio” and “Speed”.
o Dedicated “SkipStep” buttons, makes it easier to get that Rubycon thang on.
o Dedicated “Select” buttons, for selecting and editing multiple steps at once.
o Handy macro buttons for skip and select buttons to select all, none, or invert in one click.
o Custom Range option for the CV/Control Sequencer.

– Public Beta, Pricing, etc.
Numerology 2 will be $99, the same as the current price for 1.4, there is no upgrade price! Registered users can access the current 2.0 beta builds now. A public beta is currently planned for late Februrary. There is no current release date set, but check for updates. Please note that all information provided here is preliminary and subject to change.

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