Ohmicide:Melohman is not for everyone

Yet. Understand that if you have a PPC Mac Ohmforce strongly entice you to wait a few more days as last cohmpilation gave birth to a rather unpleasant easter egg. Installers do not work for the moment so you will have to wait a bit.

According to the boys at Ohmforce:
“Fortunately a large amount of you couldn’t care less about this bad news as they either want VST PC or AU working on a Mac Intel which are both absolutely there. They will rush to the demos or even the shop without a single thought for all those poor Motorola musicians!

And they will be damn right. After nearly two years of developpement (which by all industry standard is pretty crazy for an effect) we’re outrageously proud to present you what we see as our biggest achievement. Ohmicide:Melohman can be described with many technical words but to me the important thing is that it delivers what you want from a plug in: it’s that magic box which makes you smile!”

Based on Predatohm design, Ohmicide:Melohman is organized around up to four frequency bands, each of them coming with their own Noise Gate, Dynamics, Distortion, Feedback Generator and all mixing abilities with just a twist of pre- and post-processing (distortion input, high shelf output).

Core features:
– Phase corrected multiband stereo effect.
– Band distortion : a heap of modern sounding stereo distortions that can feedback.
– Band dynamic : alien compressor or expander, synchronized noise gate
– Band stereo : optionally process in mid/side mode for more stereo field tweak-ability.
– First Melohman effect: midi controlled preset morphing or randomization. Remixers’ new absolute must?
– Optional High Quality rendering (internal oversampling)
– Great on guitar, bass, synth, and any living creature in general.

More information here.

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