Service update 1.0.2 for Melodyne plugin

Celemony have released the service update 1.0.2 to Melodyne plugin. The update comes with increased overall performance and stability. Melodyne plugin needs less RAM now and the detection is running up to four times faster. Several graphic issues have been solved that were causing grey or transparent windows under certain hosts.

* Detection: Depending on the source material the detection works up to four times faster now.
* RAM usage: The RAM usage has been optimized. This leads to an improved overall stability, especially when working with larger files and multiple instances of Melodyne plugin.

Bug fixes:
* Installation directory: You can now choose the directory in which Melodyne plugin will be installed.
* Detection: The first playback after (longer) detections works flawlessly now.
* Tempo: The tempo gets displayed exact now up to 1/1000th beat per minute. Example: 120.123 BPM. Melodyne plugin will follow tempo changes now, even if the tempo differs slightly (more than 1/100th BPM.).
* plugin and bridge: A problem has been solved that could lead to problems when Melodyne plugin and the MelodyneBridge were used in one project.
* Pro Tools: grey window: In Pro Tools the plugin window could turn grey in a few cases. This is fixed now.
* Cubase: no window: In Cubase (win) the plugin window may have become transparent in a few cases. This is fixed now. Also the controls on top of the plugin window in Cubase (Mac) are no longer hidden behind Melodyne plugin.
* Sonar: Clip FX bin: A graphic problem is fixed, that led to errors when used with Sonar.
* Tracktion: stereo files: Transferred stereo files are now played back properly in Tracktion.


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