Tone2 Firebird updated to v1.5

Tone2 has an update for FireBird+ released (v1.5, major update, inlcudes oscillator and filter expansion). Firebird is not just another synthesizer. It provides a powerful, unique, and innovative synthesis architecture for next generation sounds never heard before.

300 build-in sounds present a full range of useful workhorse studio standards as well as very special Firebird sounds characterized by multi-layered subtle modulations which add new life and dynamics to the sounds.

– 26 new multi-Oscillators including 6656 waveforms
– 16 new filters
– 3 new ARP rhythms
– Additional Midi CCs supported

Further improvements:
– Lower CPU usage
– Reduced CPU spikes
– Updated english handbook
– Smoother sound on FAT4x
– Less memory needed (4MB)
– smaller dll file
– Windows Vista registry compatibility: HKEY_CURRENT_USER is used instead of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

Midi CC 11 (expression pedal) changed to 115

– FireBird did not load if MSVCR71.dll was missing in Windows. This file is not longer necessary.
– Fixed a random crash which was caused by loopmode “???????”.
– Cubase switched to bypass on heavy CPU load.
– Cantabile compatibility.
– Phrazor compatiblity.
– Sonar and others: FireBird did not produce sound if interface was closed.
– Renoise and other hosts: Stop/Play in host caused a CPU spike and audio dropouts.
– The first patch “welcome” was clicking.

Tone2 Firebird

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