TriTone Digital releases AngelTone for Windows

AngelTone is a digital mastering EQ that utilizes state-of-the-art modeling to combine analog mastering EQ sweetness with digital precision and recall.

AngelTone features five bands. Three bands are capable of full-range parametric operation. The two extreme bands feature both full-range peaking and shelving EQ modes. All parametric and peaking bands have access to the entire range of EQ frequencies available in AngelTone, allowing for unprecedented sculpting and precision.

AngelTone, like its mix-oriented brother HydraTone, allows for band-by-band selection of EQ algorithms. This unique TriTone Digital concept allows you to use, for example, the color and charm of the “Massy” on the top end and the strength and heft of a “Sonny” on the bottom.

AngelTone features four classic EQ models. These algorithms are derived from the very best analog EQs used in mastering studios the world over. “Milly” is a sweet but precise tube EQ. “Sonny” is based on one of the oldest parametric EQ designs and has a tight solid-state low end that mastering engineers adore. “Massy” is based on a modern beast of a tube EQ that is noted for its sweet sound and broad curves. “Avy” is based on solid-state EQ favored for its clarity and openness.

We have made every effort to preserve the unique character of each EQ model. All of the sweetness, character and idiosyncrasies that we love about these analog EQs are now finally available in the digital world!

TriTone Digital

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