Cakewalk and Vista support

Cakewalk have put a special resource page online for users who use or are planning to use Windows Vista. This page was designed to provide the ultimate resource on Windows Vista and the benefits it provides to the audio community.

You will find links to hardware and software products that natively support Windows Vista, information on how to choose the right version of Vista for you. And relevant news stories that concern Vista and it’s applications for music creation and audio production.

Cakewalk Products currently available for Windows Vista:
* SONAR Producer Edition 6.2
* SONAR Studio Edition 6.2
* SONAR Home Studio 6
* SONAR Home Studio 6 XL
* Project5 Version 2.5
* Rapture 1.1
* Z3TA+ 1.5
* SONAR Power Studio – Vista Drivers now available, software May, 2007

Cakewalk Vista Resource Page.

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