Algomusic together with BKSynthlabs release Electrabass

AlgoMusic has teamed up with BK Synthlabs to produce a new line of innovative virtual instruments. These new products incorporate the AlgoMusic philosophy as well as BK Synthlabs intuitive graphic and synth design for which they have been known for.

AMB ElectraBass v1.0 is the latest addition to the arsenal of tools from the AlgoMusic-BK synthlab collaboration. ElectraBass focuses on Bass and Leads with a futuristic sound. Along with 4 different effects, a unique 32 stage sequencer allows you to input your own bass and lead lines with ease.

* 2 Harmonic oscillators offering 11 waveforms each with phase modulation, ring modulation, sync and a noise oscillator.
* Complex filter with 13 types of filters and x-y grid for cutoff and resonance.
* 8 dedicated envelopes to selected targets with 7 types of velocity curves.
* 2 BPM synced LFOs with phase modulation.
* Portamento with re-triggering, pitch bend amount, MIDI channel select and master BPM.
* 3 different forms of distortion.
* Velocity sensitive controls with keyboard tracking of phase modulation and distortion with master volume and boost controls.
* Unique pull down 32 stage sequencer offering piano grid style editing and complex algorithmic arpeggiator along with volume and cutoff control for each stage.
* 4 different effects: Chorus, Phaser, Stereo delay, Digital reverb.
* Dedicated vibrato for modulation wheel.
* On board click and learn help system.
* Preset information display.
* Low CPU.
* 128 presets by Boris K, David Haupt, Dr. Ambient, and Tim Conrardy.


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