New Maize software sampler, great concept!

Ever dreamed of publishing your own sampled sound as a VST instrument? Maize Sampler brings you the most affordable and quickest solution.

Now, with just a few clicks, you can easily share your samples with musicians around the world, with no worries about your own content being extracted without your consent, by exporting to a VSTi directly.

Sound Development Made Easy

Simply pluck the propagated VSTi into any host, everyone can easily use your creation hassle-free. Your users will not be bothered with all the technicalities of setting up a sampler, they just load it up and go on making music.

Stop waiting. Grab Maize Sampler. Make yourself a sound developer.


– Propagation (VSTi export) with pre-defined UI styles
– Keyswitching between 12 layers
– Disk-streaming
– Sample-mapping, velocity layering
– 16 channels, 4 stereo output, 32 polyphonies
– Supports 8, 16, 24 bit sample rate
– Built-in simple reverb and EQ
– Both VSTi and Standalone modes
– Comes with a Soundfont to Maize Sampler format converter.
– The trial/free version can be used for free, but with some limitations:
– The trial/free version can only load one instrument.
– The trial/free version’s propagated VSTis do not support layer-switching.
– The trial/free version’s propagated VSTis do not support custom graphic.
– The trial/free version’s propagated VSTis are not allowed to be sold or rent.

Maize Sampler is priced at 88 USD for each license. A 25%-off introductory discount is on till June 30th.

For more info and download links: maizesoft website

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