Sonalksis releases TBK3 compressor plugin

Sonalksis released the successor of the TBK2, … the TBK3! The TBK3 is a dynamics processor unlike any other. Beneath the simple interface lies a radical analogue-modelled compressor that can be pushed to extremes: and then beyond!

Applications – TBK3 takes advantage of the digital domain to extend analogue circuit designs far beyond their normal physical capabilities, enabling a level of creativity not normally associated with this type of processor. Subtlety is definitely not a feature of this compressor!

This Über Compressor can be used to simply bring lackluster sound back to life, or to mutate audio into apocalyptic soundscapes. A true Creative Element.

Like the other plug-ins in the Sonalksis Creative Elements range, the TBK3 is efficient, intuitive and direct – and therefore very simple to use, providing great results with minimal effort.

– Extreme analogue-modelled compression algorithm
– Optional ‘true analogue noise’ colouration
– Four selectable fully adaptive attack/release modes
– Modifiable side-chain filter character
– 64bit floating point precision internal processing throughout
– Ultra efficient processing, with specific optimisations for native processors
– Zero latency throughput – absolutely no internal signal delay whatsoever

TBK3 is online available for purchase at a price of Euro 119,99.


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