Wusik Announces the Wusikstation V4 first update

Wusik announces that they will be releasing the first Wusikstation V4 update very soon. This update will come with only 3 new major features and a few internal changes.

Wusikstation V4 First Update Specs:
* Stereo Layer support. WusikSND files updated to handle stereo sound.
* Hability to disable Wavesequencing, turning a W1/W2 layer into a regular layer. Saves CPU usage. On the WSeq editor, for the speed, select HZ and set Speed to Zero. It will show “off”.
* 128 Voices per Layer. Previous versions were 16. Old presets will still retain the number of voices per layer, no changes there. 128 voices are specially used with Piano sounds, or with long release pads. Just mind about extra CPU usage.
* New .wIni file for storing registry information. No longer uses the Windows Registry Database.
* New ModMatrix Summing Option: Max (will get the higher value when summing one or more sources to the same destination)
* New ModMatrix Summing Option: Min (save as above, but the lower value will be used)
* New ModMatrix Summing Option: Boolean>0 (value is only used when the input is higher than zero, otherwise zero is output)
* New ModMatrix Summing Option: Bool>0Max (same as above, but instead of a zero output, a max (100%) output is used)
* New ModMatrix Destination: Stereo Polyphonic Panning (only works with stereo layers) Useful for using with Piano sounds, to get a fake stereo effect out of original stereo WusikSND files.
* HQ Pianos updated. All presets now support up to 128 notes. Low CPU usage 16 note presets were also created. The Fake-Stereo now uses only one layer. We also added a NewAge preset with longer release and extra reverber.

More details at the KVR forums.

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