Devine Machine updates Krishna Synth to v1.02

Devine Machine Software has updated Krishna Synth to v1.02. The demo version has also been updated (Noise in demo has been lowered and happens at longer intervals).

Both platform corrections :
– The movie menu now gives access to all 2142 movies.
– Corrected LFO noise behaviour when assigned to pitch.
– LFO Chaos range problem fixed.
– Refreshing of step sequencer on GUI when reloading fixed.

OSX specific corrections :
– Faster frame oscillator drawing .
– Problem on importing files solved.
– Knob value readout now works fine.
– Noise Oscillator Problem Solved.

More to come soon :
– Reverb Pre Delay in options
– Disabling MIDI learn option
– Fixed MIDI learn mapping

Devine Machine

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