XT Software releases energyXT2

The long wait is finally over. After years of public beta-testing EnergyXT 2.0 is now released. EnergyXT 2.0 includes a synth, sampler, high-quality timestretch, rex2 support, multi-fx and all the essential such as VST-support, midi and audio editing, ASIO and ALSA. And for those of you that have already invested in another music sequencer software, EnergyXT 2.0 can be loaded as a VST-plugin in your existing software.

EnergyXT 2.0 provides music producers with a complete solution for creating music out-of-the-box on Windows and Linux. Priced at only $75 it’s a true value-for-money product compared to other sequencer-software out there.

Whats new in version 2.0:
» 100% re-worked workflow
» elastique time-stretching and pitch-shifting
» drag & drop REX2 groove support, with slice editing
» non-destructive audio reverse
» shuffle/swing on midi, audio and drum tracks
» clip based automation embedded into midi, audio and drum clips
» warm and clean sounding phase modulation synthesizer with sample support
» multi-fx processor
» drum track with sample support
» main mixer with unlimited sends, inserts and group channels
» searchable browser with sample preview
» midi, audio and drum clips can be saved as self-containing library clips
» enhanced controller maps
» Works out-of-the box on Linux


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